Specialized Units

Recognizing that the presence of a highly trained, highly skilled police tactical unit has been shown to substantially reduce the risk of injury or loss of life to citizens, police officers, and suspects; and recognizing that a well managed “team” response to critical incidents usually results in the successful resolution of critical incidents, it is the intent of the Muskogee Police Department Special Operations Team to provide a highly trained and highly skilled tactical team as a resource for the Muskogee Police Department in the handling of critical incidents. 

The Muskogee Police Department Special Operations Team is an operational support unit for the Muskogee Police Department and any other requesting law enforcement agency (upon approval of the Chief of Police or his designee) with a mission to tactically respond to critical incidents. Critical incidents are defined as follows:

  • Hostage Situations: The holding of any person(s) against their will by an armed or potentially armed suspect.
  • Barricade Situations: The standoff created by an armed or potentially armed suspect in any location, whether fortified or not, who is refusing to comply with police demands for surrender. This includes armed suicidal suspects.
  • Sniper Situations: The firing upon citizens and/or police by an armed suspect, whether stationary or mobile.
  • Apprehension: The arrest or apprehension of armed or potentially armed suspect(s) where there is the likelihood of armed resistance.
  • Warrant Service: The service of search or arrest warrants where there is a likelihood of armed or potentially armed suspect(s) and there is the potential of armed resistance.
  • Personal Protection: The security of special persons, such as VIPs, witnesses, or suspects, based on threat or potential threat to the well-being of those persons.
  • Special Assignments: Any assignment, approved by the Chief of Police or SOT Commander, based upon the level of threat or the need for special expertise.
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The Muskogee Police Department Special Operations Team has a team membership with the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA). The NTOA sets the standard for the tactical community and our team utilizes this great resource for the education and training it provides. The Special Operations Team is also a member of the Oklahoma Special Operations Association.


The Muskogee Police Department K-9 Unit is comprised of 1 supervisor and four officers and their K-9 partners. These officers are assigned to different shifts within the Patrol Division. Most of the department's dogs are dual-purpose. Their primary mission is K-9 support for officers of the Muskogee Police Department. 

K-9 activities include:

  • Building Searches 
  • Area Searches 
  • Article Searches 
  • Tracking Searches 
  • Narcotics Related Searches

The K-9 officers participate in training sessions twice a month and attend advanced training when possible. The K-9 Unit has been frequently requested to perform demonstrations at schools and community functions. The comments received from the public time and time again reflect the positive manner in which the Muskogee Police Department K-9's are received and the high level of confidence in their ability.

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Mounted Patrol

The Muskogee Police Department has two officers that utilized their own certified and trained horses to assist in mounted patrol activities. These activities consist of Parades, patrol of parks and walking paths, and other special events.

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