Reserve Officer Program


The principal purpose of the Muskogee Police Reserve Unit is to assist the Police Department and be of service to the community. Members of the Reserves serve on a strict volunteer basis without compensation of any kind. The Reserves are assigned to both routine and emergency delivery of law enforcement services..


An applicant to the Muskogee Police Reserve Unit must: 

  • Be a United States Citizen. 
  • Be a minimum of twenty-one (21) years of age at the time of commissioning. 
  • Have no felony or excessive misdemeanor convictions. 
  • Successfully complete a background investigation. 
  • Submit to being photographed and fingerprinted. 
  • Successfully complete any physical agility test as required by the Department. 
  • Live within a thirty (30) minute response time to the Muskogee Police Department. 
  • Successfully complete a course of instruction prescribed by the Department. 
  • Be a High School Graduate or have earned a G.E.D. equivalent. 
  • Possess a valid Oklahoma Driver's License. 
  • Be acceptable to the Chief of Police. 
  • Successfully complete all tests required by the Department.


How do I apply to be a Reserve Officer?
 You will need to send your contact information to the Reserve Unit Director. You may download and use the form below to mail in your information. You can also call 918-680-3135. Initial information that is needed will include: Your Name, Date of Birth, Work & Home Number, Driver's license and SSN & Complete Mailing Address. You will be placed on a mailing list and will receive a follow-up phone call. Academies for the Reserves are held as needed.
Do I need to supply my own equipment?
Every Reserve Officer that is hired by the Police Department is provided with uniforms. Upon separation the Officer is required to return all equipment issued. Any equipment that may be needed that is not furnished by the Department will be the personal responsibility of the officer to supply.
Is there a probationary period after appointment?
Upon graduation from the Muskogee Police Reserve Academy, the Reserve Officer will serve a one (1) year probationary period. During this period, the Reserve Officer will be subject to the probationary requirements of the Muskogee Police Department.
What type of training will I need?
All Reserve Officers shall be required to successfully complete all training required by the Department. This will include the Police Reserve Academy as prescribed by CLEET. Each Reserve Officer must complete the Field Training Officer program, as prescribed by the Department. Successfully complete the periodic weapons qualifications as prescribed by the Department. Failure to do so may place the Officer in suspended status until all qualification requirements are met.
How much time will I need to devote to being a Reserve Officer?
Each Reserve Officer will need to complete a minimum of 50 hours every six months. To remain in good standing, each Reserve Officer will need to complete 100 hours for the calendar year. The hours can be spent riding with the Patrol Officers, special events, Reserve meetings, administrative jobs, and others at the discretion of the Director.

Muskogee Police Department Reserve Form