Arkansas River/Highway 16 Abatement


Over the past several months, the Muskogee Police Department has received numerous complaints of a large amount of trash and the noxious odor associated with it in the area of the Arkansas River and Highway 16.

Upon investigation, Officers discovered three adults, with tents, camping on the banks of the river in deplorable, unsanitary, and hazardous conditions. Recognizing that these adults appear to have established residence on public property and have created a public nuisance by the amount of trash generated and improperly disposed, Officers began working with these individuals for the last several months to compel them to abate the public nuisance they have created. Their efforts failed and the individuals continued to maintain the public nuisance.

There have been countless verbal warnings to clean up the area and to properly dispose of the trash, as well as, remove abandoned vehicles. When the warnings failed to improve the conditions, officers then issued citations and gave a specific deadline for them to vacate the area. That deadline was by the end of the day on Wednesday 9/1/2021.

Today, Officers verified that the three individuals had vacated the area. However, because these individuals left the significant trash along the banks of the River, City crews were dispatched to remove the trash and abate the nuisance. The area has now been cleared of the public nuisance and is no longer a health concern.