Who do I call to ask about someone who has been arrested?
All information about people in jail can be obtained from calling the Muskogee City/County Detention Facility at 918-682-7851. This facility is operated by the Muskogee County Sheriff's Office.
What should I do if I'm involved in a collision?
Stay at the scene. Call the police and exchange driver information. 
How do I get my car out of impound?
The registered owner must contact the individual towing company that impounded the vehicle.
How do I obtain a copy of a police report?
You will have to come to the Police Department located at 112 South 3rd Street. Bring the following: name of the victim, time of the incident, date of the incident, and location of the incident.
Does it cost anything for a copy of the police report?

Accident & Offense Reports are $.25
Certification of copies are $1.00
Search by computer $25.00 per hour

Document Search Fees:
15 minutes or less is $2.75
16 minutes to 30 minutes is $4.00
31 minutes to 1 hour is $8.00

There will be additional charges for:
Copies of video and/or audio recordings depending on the media used.
Postage and Handling.
How do I get a watch order for my residence or business?
If you live in the city and you think you have a problem that requires added patrol by officers please call the Muskogee Police Department at 918-683-8000. Ask for dispatch and request a "Watch Order".
Who is required to register as a sex offender under the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registration Act?

Any person residing, working, or attending school within the State of Oklahoma who has been convicted or received any probationary term for the commission or attempt to commit certain sex crimes in Oklahoma after November 1, 1989. Any person who entered Oklahoma after November 1, 1989, having previously been convicted or received a suspended or deferred sentence for the commission or attempt to commit certain sex crimes which if committed or attempted in Oklahoma would be a crime. A probationary term rendered by an Oklahoma court including deferred sentences. Sentences rendered outside the Oklahoma judicial system include those from any court of another state, a federal court, an Indian tribal court or a military court.

The applicable sex offenses are listed in Oklahoma State Statutes as follows:

  • 10 O.S. 7115, Abuse or Neglect of Child/Child Beating (when sexual abuse or sexual exploitation is involved)
  • 21 O.S. 681, Assault With Intent to Commit a Felony (if the offense involved sexual assault)
  • 21 O.S. 741, Kidnapping (if the offense involved sexual abuse or sexual exploitation)
  • 21 O.S. 843.1, Caretaker Abuse or Neglect (when sexual abuse or sexual exploitation is involved)
  • 21 O.S. 865, Trafficking in Children
  • 21 O.S. 885, Incest
  • 21 O.S. 886, Crime Against Nature/Sodomy
  • 21 O.S. 888, Forcible Sodomy
  • 21 O.S. 891, Child Stealing
  • 21 O.S. 1021, Indecent Exposure/Indecent Exhibitions/Obscene or Indecent Writings, Pictures, etc./Solicitation of Minors to Participate in any crime under this section.
  • 21 O.S. 1021.2, To Procure or Cause Minors to Participate in Obscene or Indecent Writings, Pictures, etc.
  • 21 O.S. 1021.3, Guardians????Parents????Custodians Consent to Participation of Minor in Obscene Writings, Pictures
  • 21 O.S. 1040.13a, Facilitating, Encouraging, Offering, or Soliciting Sexual Conduct with a Minor (Misdemeanor)
  • 21 O.S. 1040.51, Unlawful Sale, Purchase, or Trafficking of Obscene Movies, Photographs, Pictures, Drawings, Video Games, Etc.
  • 21 O.S. 1087, Procuring a Child Under 18 Years of Age for Prostitution, Lewdness, or Other Indecent Acts
  • 21 O.S. 1088, Inducing, Keeping, Detaining, or Restraining for Prostitution a Child Under 18 Years of Age
  • 21 O.S. 1114, Rape in the First Degree/Rape in the Second Degree/Rape by Instrumentation
  • 21 O.S. 1123, Lewd or Indecent Proposals or Acts to a Child Under 16/Sexual Battery to a Person Over 16
How long does a sex offender have to register with law enforcement in Oklahoma?
In the State of Oklahoma, habitual and/or aggravated offenders must register every ninety (90) days for the rest of their life. All other sexual offenders must register during their probation and for a full ten (10) consecutive years after the completion of their probation.
What criteria is used to classify an offender as a habitual and/or aggravated offender?
On or after November 1, 1999, any person who has been convicted of a crime or an attempt to commit a crime, who has received a suspended sentence or any probationary term, including a deferred sentence… shall be subject to all the registration requirements of this act and shall be designated by the DOC as an aggravated sex offender. These crimes include: Abuse or Neglect of Child/Child Beating (when sexual abuse or exploitation is involved), Incest, Forcible Sodomy, Rape in the First Degree, Rape in the Second Degree, Rape by Instrumentation, Lewd or Indecent Proposals or Acts to a Child Under 16, Sexual Battery of a Person Over 16, or, any attempt to commit these crimes.
Do offenders have the right to live where they want to live?
Oklahoma Sex Offender Registration Act states it is unlawful for a sex offender to reside within a 2000 foot radius of any public or private school site, educational institution, playground, park or childcare facility. Violations may be punished as a misdemeanor with a fine not to exceed $3,000. A second or subsequent violation shall be punishable by incarceration for one (1) year in the county jail in addition to such fines.
Can offenders go anywhere they want to go?
No. Oklahoma Sex Offender Registration Act clearly states it is unlawful for a sex offender to be within 300 feet of any elementary or junior high school, licensed child care facility, or playground if the offender has been convicted of lewd molestation, rape or sodomy in this state or any similar offense of another state of the United States and the victim was a child under thirteen (13) years of age.
What if they have a child enrolled in a school or child care facility? Are there exemptions to the rule that will allow them to take their child to and from the school or child care facility?
Yes. The sex offender is exempt if they are the custodial parent or legal guardian of a child enrolled as a student at the school or child care facility, or they are enrolling, delivering or retrieving such child at the school or child care facility during regular school or facility hours or for school sanctioned or child care facility sanctioned extracurricular activities. Violations may be punished as a misdemeanor with a fine not exceeding $2,500. A second or subsequent violation may be punished as a felony.
Is there any place offenders are not allowed to work or provide services?
Yes. According to the Oklahoma Sex Offenders Registration Act, it is unlawful to work with, or provide services to children, or to work on school premises, or for any person or business who offers or provides services to children or contracts for work to be performed on school premises.